Pastor’s Letter

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

May 22, 2022

The Holy Spirit is promised and given.  The Spirit is to teach us and to remind us.  The Spirit is sent by the Father in the name of Jesus Christ.  All of this is the truth stated in today’s Gospel.  This Advocate is to be our companion as we navigate our lives in these times.  […]

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God’s Dwelling is with His People

May 15, 2022

When we are looking at our calendar, what do we focus on?  Where are we spending our time?  When we are searching the internet, where have the last ten searches taken us?  This tells us where we are spending our valuable time.  For some, it might be places to visit, golf courses to play.  I […]

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Voice Recognition

May 8, 2022

Today the Gospel reminds us that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.  The sheep of His flock recognize His voice.  It is because they recognize that voice that they follow Him.  We live in a world of voice technology.  We can speak to our phones, to our remotes and even to Alexa and other voice technology […]

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Feeding After We Have Been Fed

May 1, 2022

It is after finishing a meal cooked by the Risen Savior that the invitation is given.  Jesus pulls Peter aside and invites him to feed and tend to His flock.  In my life, I have been a part of a lot of fundraising projects.  The routine has usually been to feed potential donors well and […]

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A Mercy That Knows No Bounds

April 24, 2022

As all of you probably know by now, I love to grill.  Recently, I was grilling a great piece of fish and on the other side of the grilling surface were my veggies.  While the fish was cooking to perfection, I noticed the veggies were struggling. The uneven cooking temperature surprised me.  It seemed that something […]

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We Carry the Light of Christ

April 17, 2022

We are defined and become what we carry.  Today the Universal Church comes to proclaim Jesus is alive, He has risen from the tomb.  We proclaim that darkness has no power over Him or us.  We proclaim He is the Light of the World.  We are what we carry, we are the burdens that hold us back, […]

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The Holiness of this Week

April 10, 2022

Our God longs for us to enter this week open to profound holiness.  What takes place over the Sacred Three Days of the Triduum is a celebration so great, so powerful, so life-changing that the mystery of death and resurrection, the meaning of our very existence is presented to us in sign and symbol. The […]

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It Is All About The First Stone

April 3, 2022

There has always been something about that first stone.  It seems throughout history there is something about the first throw, the first shot, the first punch.  In baseball, there is sometimes a ceremony about the first pitch.  After that pitch, the game begins.  In Lexington and Concord, they speak of the shot heard around the world that […]

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What Directions Are We Going? And What Direction is God Going?

March 27, 2022

Whenever we find ourselves running, we must ask a question, are we running towards something, or away from something?  In the Gospel, we hear a story we can all tell by heart.  The prodigal son resonates deeply with many.  It is a parable that invites us to be drawn in by two sons, by jealousy, by conversion, […]

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