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Funeral Planning Guide

This brochure will explain the Funeral Liturgy of the Church, and in particular, how funeral liturgies are conducted at Saint Anne Parish.  It is hoped that by reading this brochure, everyone will come to understand and appreciate the rite the Church offers at a most difficult time for people grieving the loss of a loved one.  In the “Order of Christian Funerals,” the ritual book used for the various rites of funeral liturgies, we are told that God has created us for eternal life, and that by Jesus’ death and resurrection, the chains of sin and death are broken. We pray during the Funeral Mass that the sins of our loved one will be forgiven by our merciful God and that he or she may swiftly be given a place in God’s Kingdom.   The funeral rites are meant to offer praise and thanksgiving to God for the life of the deceased.  The rites also bring hope and consolation to those who are still in this world.

The Church wants to reserve the Funeral Mass to be just the Mass without any specialty items so as to celebrate Jesus’ role in the life of the person deceased.  Any specialty items are most appropriately done at the wake/visitation or a luncheon that follows the Funeral Mass.

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Please use the Funeral Planning Guide to help you fill out the Funeral Planning Form.

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