BaptismThe Church as a Sacramental Assembly

The parish of St. Anne is dedicated to the Eucharist. We are first and foremost a Eucharistic community that dwells deeply within the covenant God has offered to us as a gift. We value Sacramental preparation as a way of living our faith.

When we enter the church and place our hands upon the Baptismal water at our font, we reconnect with the grace that God instilled in us when we were Baptized. It is through Baptism that we receive all of the other Sacraments.

Being fed at the Eucharistic Table gives us sustenance for the week ahead. Through the constant love God pours out into the Eucharist, we believe we receive all that we need to live our faith in a vibrant and inspiring way in the days that lie ahead. The Assembly of God’s people are called to be active participants. This means we go beyond just singing the songs and reciting the prayers. It means that we engage in the Sacramental life offered to us by allowing our very beings to be uplifted into the Trinity of God’s presence. This happens when the mystery shared becomes the mystery received. Join us on this great adventure to dwell in the presence of the Lord in the places where He resides.

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