Mass Attendance Guidelines

To the Faith Community of St. Anne: The Mother of Mary

The dispensation to attend Sunday Mass remains in place until Palm Sunday, April 10, 2022.  Of course, if individuals are ill or contagious to others, Canon law allows them to decide for themselves if they should attend Mass.  To read Bishop Hicks’ letter regarding the removal of the dispensation click here:  Dispensation_Lifts_For_Palm_Sunday

We trust that everyone will be treated with dignity and respect in their personal decisions on the new protocols.

Effective Monday, February 28 masks are recommended but not required for indoor settings.

Church seating
Sections are made available for those who are more comfortable with social distancing.   Please respect those who are more comfortable with additional space by sitting every other pew in the sections marked with crosses.

Reception of Communion
Communion in the hand continues to be the norm. We will follow Diocesan guidelines for those who wish to receive on the tongue.

Collection and Stewardship
Collection bins will continue to be available for your donation. They can be found along the walls on the inside of church.   We continue to encourage parishioners to participate in our EGIVING:

Youtube Mass
You may still connect with us via our weekly livestream Mass.   Watch the APP for notification of the time it will be livestreamed each week: