Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council

The coordinating and unifying structure of the parish community. It consists of the Pastor, five at-large members, the appointed chairpersons of the Commissions, one youth representative and one senior representative. It is to be the means of achieving full participation by the whole parish in its mission by giving voice in encouraging, guiding and directing the various aspects of parish life. As an advisor to the Pastor, its members gather together the thoughts and ideas of the community and work them together to reach a consensus which is translated into parish goals. Finally, it sees that these goals are acted upon by the parish community.

Chairperson:  David Bruckner,

Parish Pastoral Council Members

The Administration Commission

The purpose of the Administration Commission is to see to the planning and overseeing of the physical plant of the parish and any projects that need to be implemented in the care of such. In addition, the Commission oversees a parish facilities maintenance plan to ensure that all parish properties remain in proper repair and interacts with the Finance Council on projects deemed important and works to achieve goals set by the Parish Council.


The Worship Commission

Made up of all the ministries involving Worship in our parish. Representatives from other parish groups and a parish-at-large member are welcome and encouraged to come.

The Commission envisions, coordinates and evaluates the spiritual and liturgical life of the parish, implements the priorities, policies and recommendations of the Universal Church, the Diocese and the Parish Council in the area of worship. It promotes programs of liturgy preparation, provides general education in the area of liturgy to the parish and trains the liturgy ministers and the assembly in their roles of participation.

Chairperson: Andy Ebervein,

The Faith Formation Commission

Has the objectives of overseeing and maintaining a proper balance regarding the religious education of the entire parish — from our preschoolers through our senior citizens. The Commission consists of the pastor or his representative, the Directors of Religious Education for Pre-School through Grade 8, High School and Adult Education and representatives of Baptismal and Marriage Preparation and O.C.I.A. ministries. These members identify the educational needs of the parish and ensure those needs are being met.

Chairperson:  Kari Urban, 630-452-8107;

The Christian Service and Outreach Commission

Identifies social issues and human needs in the parish and community and then develop an action plan to serve these needs and resolve the issues. This is accomplished by attempting to coordinate the Christian Service efforts of all parish organizations that render Christian services.

Chairperson:  Mary Terese Davison, 630-740-2395;