K-5 Religious Education

Religious Education for Children Grades K-5

Program Overview:


The K-5 Religious Education Program at St. Anne Parish strives to catechize our children about the Catholic faith, to develop and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ, and provide a strong base for their life-long journey of discipleship. The program also includes formation and preparation for the sacraments of Baptism (when applicable), First Reconciliation, and First Communion. This is typically done in a classroom setting using a variety of teaching techniques.  Grade 1-5 lessons are based on the Discover! program and The Catholic Children’s Bible from Saint Mary’s Press. Kindergarten uses leaflets from Our Sunday Visitor’s Allelu! program.

Through a combination of weekly attendance at Mass, daily prayer, service in the community, regular attendance at RE classes, and review of the lessons at home, a student that is catechized in the RE Program throughout their elementary school years should finish 5th grade with a basic understanding and knowledge of the following areas:

– Revelation: basic teachings and Traditions of the Catholic Church; key stories of Scripture
– Trinity: beliefs about God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Creed; prayer
– Jesus Christ: miracles, teachings, and life of Jesus (Paschal Mystery); Real Presence
– The Church: hierarchy of the Church; liturgical year/seasons; Mary and the Saints; vocations
– Morality: Ten Commandments; Great Commandment; Beatitudes; forming conscience; virtues
– Sacraments: the who, what, when, where, and why of the 7 sacraments; grace; sacramentals
– Kingdom of God: living as a disciple of Jesus in the world; heaven; Second Coming

The student will be prepared to move to DASH – Junior High Religious Education  in grades 6-8 to begin preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation 

Contact: Cathy Gillooly, Director of Religious Education KN through Grade 5
reo@stanneparish.org; 630-554-1425


Grades K-5 Class Schedule:

Students attend for an hour once a week, mid-September through mid-May.  Classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with two sessions each night at 4:30 and 6:00 PM. We do our best to honor your preference for day/time but may not always be able to accommodate your request if a session is full.  Classes are assigned first come, first served when registration begins over the summer.

Click here for the 2019-2020 K-5 Class Schedule


– It is expected that students be enrolled every year (grades 1-8) to learn all that they need to know about their faith at every age.  Note: Kindergarten is also offered and encouraged.
– Parents are the first and most important catechists in a child’s faith formation. Please attend Mass as a family each week, pray together and practice reciting prayers, review the RE sessions at home each week, and share your own faith story with your child.

– Review the 2019-2020 RE Handbook  on the RE Registraton Page for further details of our program expectations. 

Absences and Make-up Work:

If your child misses class for any reason (such as illness, emergency, weather) please use the appropriate grade level lesson schedule below to determine which lesson to do at home to stay caught up.

Note that completing make-up work is strongly encouraged for all grades but required for grades 1 and 2. Go over the lesson with your child and have them complete the activity pages inside the booklet for that lesson. The following week your child should show their catechist the completed activity pages.

Lesson Schedules for 2019-2020

19-20 KN Lesson Schedule

19-20 Grade 1 Lesson Schedule

19-20 Grade 2 Lesson Schedule

19-20 Grade 3 Lesson Schedule

19-20 Grade 4 Lesson Schedule

19-20 Grade 5 Lesson Schedule

On-Line Home Guide and Other Resources:

 To access a “Home Guide” for grades 1-5 that provides a step-by-step teaching guide to help parents lead their child through a lesson, go to the Saint Mary’s Press Discover! website:


Under the “Discover! Finding Faith in Life” section, click on the link for the grade level you want and select “Home Guide.”

This same webpage also has a link to download all the Family Pages from the back of the weekly activity booklets in Spanish.

For parent information about the Kindergarten Allelu! Program, please go to:


For resources to help your family prepare for the Sunday Mass and readings, go to:


Sacramental Preparation:

Any child over the age of seven who is not yet Baptized can prepare for the sacrament through the RE program.  Details of the preparation process will vary based on the child’s age and religious background.

Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion is a two-year program.  This is typically in grades 1 and 2, with Reconciliation being celebrated in November/December and Communion in April/May of 2nd grade.

Children in grades 3-7 who have had no prior religious education must attend RE classes with their age-mates to learn the basics of the faith. In addition, they must attend sacramental preparation classes on several Sundays throughout the year to prepare for First Reconciliation their first year, and First Communion their second year.

For Sacramental Formation, you can click here to go to our SACRAMENTS page. 

SPICE: Special People Included in Catholic Environments

We are all special in God’s eyes. Having a disability does not mean that a person doesn’t have gifts to share. At St. Anne Church, we want all our parishioners to have the ability to learn the Catholic faith, to grow in their relationship with God, to receive the sacraments, and to love and serve the Lord.

Our Religious Education SPICE program strives to make this possible by providing extra support in our regular RE classrooms and/or working with students one-on-one or in small faith groups as needed.  If you have a child with special needs, please contact the Religious Education Office and we will work with you to make the best placement and adaptations for your child.


This group meets once a month throughout the school year and invites teens with special needs to explore and deepen their faith through discussion, prayer, activities, and service.  Please contact the Religious Education Office if you have a teen who is interested in joining the group.  Any teen (ages 13-21) with any special need is welcome, whether they have received their sacraments or not. 

Many volunteers are needed for our SPICE program to be successful.  We need people to serve as SPICE Catechists and Aides, as well as Teen SPICE Leaders.

Contact: Cathy Gillooly, Director of Religious Education KN through Grade 5
reo@stanneparish.org; 630-554-1425 or
Jenine Boes, SPICE Coordinator
t.j.boes@att.net; 630-554-2502 


Liturgy of the Word for Children

Liturgy of the Word for Children is offered during the 9:15 AM Sunday Mass year-round for children in Pre-School through 1st Grade.  The children are dismissed from the Church after the Opening Prayer to process to the Chapel to participate in the Liturgy of the Word using child-friendly language.  During the Presentation of the Gifts, the children return to their families in the Church for the remainder of Mass.

Please note: Children preparing to receive their First Communion and those who have already received First Communion should remain in the Church for the entire Mass rather than attending the Children’s Liturgy.  Thank you.

Join a Team and Spread the Gospel!

Although it is the goal of St. Anne Parish to offer Liturgy of the Word for Children every Sunday, that is only possible when we have enough volunteers. Please consider joining a team of adults who work together using the provided Leader’s Guide to present the readings, a mini “homily,” and the Prayers of the Faithful in language the children can understand. The commitment is about one Sunday per month.  

Contact: Cathy Gillooly, Director of Religious Education KN through Grade 5
reo@stanneparish.org; 630-554-1425 


Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a fun-filled and faith-filled “camp” held at St. Anne Parish each summer.  Campers are children entering Kindergarten through Grade 5. They attend from 9:00 AM to Noon for 4 days, typically during a week in June.  Each summer we celebrate a new theme and learn more about God and our Catholic faith through music, bible stories, crafts, and snacks.  Adults and youth entering grade 6 or older are needed as volunteers.

VBS is tentatively scheduled for June 8-11, 2020.

Contact: Cathy Gillooly, K-5 DRE at reo@stanneparish.org; 630-554-1425


Children’s Library

Our children’s library is located in the Joachim Center.  At the current time we have selections that deal with Scripture, Saints, prayer, story books, and other titles that are sensitive to major issues that children in the elementary grades sometimes must face.  We also have a few puzzles and VHS/DVD videos available for check-out.  Families are welcome to use the books and puzzles while in the Joachim Center and/or to check out books, puzzles, and videos to take home for a few weeks.