DASH 2 (7th Grade) Students

DASH 2 (7th grade) Students

Meet on Sundays at either 3:45 – 5:30pm or 6:15 -8pm.

Only if volunteers and enough interest is expressed prior to August 15th will the NEW Thursday 4:15 – 6pm class will be an option

NEW for 2019 – 2020 is an online learning module to cover essential Catholic beliefs that will be discussed in class.  Timing for the online module is found on the D2 calendar

– Their focus is usually on the New Testament & Moral Decision Making

– At specific sessions, Confirmation will be a strong theme, though each session is about Confirmation preparation because it is all about learning to be a better disciple

– See below for other expected Confirmation components which are separate from the Sunday DASH session (Rite of Enrollment, Service hours and Faithboosters.)

EXTRA THINGS TO KNOW & DO for this level:

•  Required Student AND Parent attendance at one of the Confirmation ‘Rite of Enrollment’ days
3:30 – 6pm  on EITHER   Jan 25, 2020    OR    Feb 1, 2020.
   An email will be sent to families with a sign-up link in December 2019.

•  “All about Me?” parent/child project  due in late Fall.  Template given to students and emailed to parents in the Fall.

•  “Catholic Role Model” (aka Sponsor choice) reflection (w/parent help) due in Spring Template given to students and emailed to parents in mid-winter.

•  12 Service hours If you are seeking ideas, check out the DASH 3 page and look under Discipleship Hour ideas.  DASH 2 SERVICE LOG 

•  3 Faithboosters (preferred from different experiences, one turned in February, March, and April.)  This will be discussed at the Rite of Enrollment, but you can do throughout the year by reading this link and choosing from it.    DASH 2 FAITHBOOSTERS