Faith Formation Commission

The Faith Formation Commission has the objectives of overseeing and maintaining a proper balance regarding the religious education of the entire parish — from our pre-schoolers through our senior citizens. The Commission consists of the pastor or his representative, the Directors of Religious Education for Pre-School through Grade 8, High School and Adult Education and representatives of Baptismal and Marriage Preparation and O.C.I.A. ministries. These members identify the educational needs of the parish and ensure those needs are being met.

Contact:   Kari Urban, 630-452-8107;


Adult Faith Formation

Adult Library

Baptismal Preparation Program

Children’s Library

Godparent Program

High School and College Appalachia Trip

High School Leadership Committee

High School Youth Ministry

K-5 Religious Education Program

Junior High School Ministry

Marriage Preparation

Order of Christian Initiation for Adults

Scripture Study

Small Faith Sharing Groups

Welcoming Catholics Home