DASH – Junior High Religious Education

Welcome to Jr. High Ministry, D.A.S.H (Disciples Actively Striving for Holiness) at St. Anne.   Our overall goal in 6 – 8th grade is to teach, through example how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ in the tradition of the Catholic faith, and to do so by engaging our youth in a more relaxed learning environment that allow them to connect with their peers and reflect on their faith in community.  We want our youth to continue to actively work towards getting closer to God through prayer and the Sacraments.  We desire for them to know their Catholic faith and LIVE it out in our world – this all is holiness!  

D.A.S.H encompasses four areas:

1) Religious Education – part of being a disciple is knowing what you believe (aka essential facts about our faith  
2) Confirmation prep (part of R.E. beginning in 6th grade/DASH 1) – encouraging a more personal relationship with Jesus
3) Social events (2-3 a year)

4) Prayer & Service opportunities both inside and out of regular RE time


D.A.S.H Religious Education


Please go to the RE Registration Page for materials.  Jr. High Students register on the same form as elementary students.


At St. Anne students are prepared for Confirmation from 6th – 8th gradeThis allows them to have two solid years of fact based learning  before they move into a more youth group style Confirmation program in their 8th grade year.  Students typically receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Fall of a student’s Freshman year of High School. Information about requirements are incorporated below into information for each level.  Or, you can click here for the Confirmation page.


Curriculum for Jr. High is from St. Mary’s Press Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers and the Breakthrough Bible for Young Catholics.  The textbook is the backbone for lessons from 6 – 8th grade.  Lesson plans are geared toward the social and cognitive needs of students for their grade level.

Because students come to us at different grade in their life to prepare for Confirmation, we talk about the program in terms of “levels” – DASH 1, 2, or 3, as sometimes an 8th grader could be working on 6th grade content to catch up in their preparation requirements. 


We understand that families are very busy with outside activities, and we listen to situations on an individual basis.  Homeschooling is an option for DASH 1 (usually a 6th grader.)  However, due to the Diocesan policy and the nature of the interactive sessions with more intentional preparation for Confirmation, DASH 2 (7th) and DASH 3 (8th)  graders must be present with regular attendance at their DASH RE sessions.  

 DASH 1 (6th grade) Students

Meet on their chosen day: Monday – Wednesday from 4:30 – 5:30pm or 6 – 7pm.

-Their focus is the Old Testament.  On the first day of class, students meet together with our Pastor as he blessed and gift them with a special Bible for their studies.

– Connections to Confirmation are made at different points in the year.
6 hours of Service   (turned in when completed or at end of year)





At least twice throughout the year we offer a DASH JHYM night.  This usually follows a Saturday 5pm Mass when the homily is geared to Jr. High youth.  After Mass food is provided before a movie to watch or an activity/speaker. This year these optional dates are:

  • Saturday, November 16, 2019
  • Saturday, April 18, 2020

Other youth-oriented options may be offered given time, interest, volunteers, and availability of space.


Check out http://heartworkcamp.com/

In the Fall, current 7th and 8th graders (and parent chaperones) are invited to consider participating in a summer week long experience of their Catholic faith. Interest level early on will determine the possibility of a trip.  In the past years we have stayed within a 6 hour drive limit and our week away has been in mid to late July.  Though we did not do a trip for summer of 2019, the chaperones are primed and ready to go for 2020!  What about you?

– The place is chosen by the weeks (dates and places in ability to easily drive) offered through CHWC and the type of camp that allows us to include incoming 8th graders.

– The team usually leaves on Saturday or Sunday of the week and stays through that Friday or Saturday.

– As CHWC was first and remains a high school experience, high school siblings (past students in the DASH program) are most welcome to join us.

– The cost to participate is approximately $425 (the parish does not do fundraising but does subsidize our transportation and gas needs.)

Here are comments from past teens:

“One of my favorite aspects was program time.  I liked how it was loud, funny, and serious all at the same time.  Another one of my favorite aspects was the service work.  I liked seeing what sides the work brought out in people.  Some people despised it; others loved it.  I also liked seeing the appreciative looks on people’s faces after we finished our work.  I would go again because this was a great way to expand my faith, be by myself, and also with friends.  I would recommend that others go because it is a great way to spread joy in the lives of others.” CW (male)2018 trip

“I feel like I am coming out of this experience a much better person ….  Camp was amazing, I learned so much about myself and God. I will remember and treasure this experience forever, I can honestly say I found Jesus at CHWC.  J”  DB (male) – 2016 trip 

“The Catholic Heart Workcamp was an amazing experience.  I learned about myself and that I would like to include more prayer in my daily life.  It was nice to get out and do something positive for a struggling community.  It was wonderful to connect with a family that needed help.  I would do it again, it is very regimented, but an excellent experience.”  ML (female) – 2016 trip 

“Because I went to Catholic Heart Work Camp last year, I presumed I already knew what to expect.  However, the thing that I didn’t account for was the new perspective of prayer that flourished through my group. My favorite part was that connection I had with both my parish and work group. This connection created an environment where I was able to reflect upon and express my religion with those who shared my beliefs. …. I would go again next year because I strive to continue to make a positive impact on people’s lives and bring those who have struggled closer to God. Even though I truly believe that CHWC is a place in which everyone has the opportunity to grow spiritually, it especially helps those that struggle connecting with God through prayer. One will learn to fill this void in prayer, with gratitude, praise, and forgiveness, as it did to me.”  AK (female) – 2018 trip