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Preparation (usually in) grades 6 – 8
Be Sealed with the Spirit

This Sacrament of Initiation allows the Confirmandi to reclaim membership and ownership of the Church and the community they joined at Baptism. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1303, the following are the 5 Spiritual effects of the Sacrament of Confirmation:

  1. Child of God: It roots us more deeply as children of God
  2. Closer to Christ: It unites us more firmly to our Savior Jesus Christ
  3. Gifts of the Holy Spirit: It increases the gifts of the Spirit in us
  4. Fully Catholic: it rends our bond with the Catholic Church more perfect
  5. Defend the Faith: It gives us a special strength to spread and defend the faith as true witnesses of Jesus Christ


At St. Anne parish the traditional process for Confirmation begins in 6th grade. Content builds throughout 7th grade RE (DASH 2) , and greatly deepens in their 8th grade year (DASH 3). After three years of faith formation, a student receives Confirmation traditionally in the Fall of a student’s freshman year.


Working with students of a “non-traditional” age will vary based on the year and number of students who come forward to be confirmed.  We have many families who come to us whose child/children need to receive one or more Sacraments – including Confirmation. After listening to the family and taking into account the age of a student and their previous religious education, we place the teen into an option to best honor their faith formation and their intellectual level.


Per Diocesan guidelines, students must be enrolled for at least two consecutive years in either a religious education program (or a Catholic school if you are a transfer family) in order to receive the Sacrament.  For St. Anne Parish students need to be enrolled in our religious education program in DASH 1 (6th grade) & DASH 2 (7th grade) before final preparation for Confirmation which is the entire focus of DASH 3 (8th grade year.)

*DASH is the name of the Jr. High Program and is an acronym for Disciples Actively Striving for Holiness*

What is the purpose of Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation?
(Catechism of the Catholic Church #1309)
It is aimed at: a person’s understanding of Church teaching, PRACTICE OF PRAYER (having a more intimate union with Christ and familiarity with the Holy Spirit)  through SERVICE (part of a responsibility of Christian life)  so that they have a strong foundation to know how to first LIVE and  then defend their faith.


Confirmation is facilitated by our Director of Jr. High Religious Education/Youth Ministry and is included in a student’s enrollment in DASH (Disciples Actively Striving for Holiness) Jr. High Religious Education (RE.)
QUESTIONS? Contact:  Ms. Julie  Krakora  – 630-554-1425

Sometimes a teen decides early they are not ready for Confirmation.  That is okay!!  It does not mean you cannot be part of the process to grow in your faith and become more aware of what we practice and believe as Catholics.  Whether you want Confirmation, aren’t certain yet, or know for sure it’s a “no”, being part of DASH Religious Education gives students wonderful faith formation for their journey.   Why? Because the aims for Confirmation preparation are aims for Catholic Discipleship! You can’t go wrong working on them – and that is the whole purpose of our Jr. High DASH program.


DASH 1 (6th grade) Students

  • Faithful participation and presence at weekly Mass
  • Attendance at RE classes in accordance to RE handbook
  • 6 hours of Service (turned in when completed or at end of year)

DASH 2 (7th grade) Students

  • Faithful participation and presence at weekly Mass
  • Attendance at DASH sessions in accordance to RE Handbook
  • Student & Parent attendance at one of the Confirmation Rite of Enrollments days
  • “Who am I?” parent/child project due in late Fall
  • “Catholic Role Model” Scripture reflection (w/parent help) due in Spring
  • 12 Service hours
  • 3 Faithboosters


DASH 3 (8th grade) Students

  • Faithful participation and presence at weekly Mass
  • Attendance at DASH sessions in accordance to RE Handbook
  • Student & Sponsor attendance at required meeting
  • 16 Discipleship hours (enacting the Works of Mercy or Catholic Social Teaching)
  • Monthly Prayer Projects
  • Monthly Conversation starter sheets with Sponsors
  • Saint reflection (format given in the Spring)
  • Attendance at #iNfUSed Confirmation retreat in summer after DASH is over (August)
  • Final letter requesting Confirmation (format given in the Spring)