Service and Outreach Commission

The major goal of the Christian Service and Outreach Commission is to identify social issues and human needs in the parish and community and then develop an action plan to serve these needs and resolve the issues. This is accomplished by attempting to coordinate the Christian Service efforts of all parish organizations that render Christian services.

The Commission also sees to the community building needs of the parish. The Commission encourages a balance of activities and ministries that represent and address parish diversity in lifestyle, age, ethnicity and needs. This balance includes opportunity for social and support gatherings of people with specific needs (e.g., young moms, seniors, divorced, disabled. . .)

Mission Statement:

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, our mission is to love and serve the Lord’s people as Christ’s hands, feet and heart, to do His will and love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Contact:    Mary Terese Davison, 630-740-2395;


Communion to the Homebound

Communion to the Nursing Home

Divorce and Beyond

Giving Tree

Funeral Planning & Support

Hospitality Sunday


Peace and Justice

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Religious Goods Store

Respect Life Ministry

Reverse Collection

Saint Anne Seniors

Welcoming Newcomers

St. Vincent DePaul Society