Welcoming Catholics Home

Do you know someone who has left the Church? Most of us do not have to look very far to find non-practicing Catholics in our circle of family and friends. Many of us are concerned about these loved ones, but we don’t know how to help them find their way home.

As baptized, practicing Catholics, we have a precious gift of faith from the Lord that needs to be shared with our non-practicing brothers and sisters. First, we need to pray for them. Next, we need to extend a personal invitation to them to come to the Catholic Church. Many are waiting for an invitation to return. Some mistakenly think they are excommunicated and are not welcome for a variety of reasons. Some are afraid of approaching the Church for fear of being rejected. You can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life simply by reaching out to them and telling them we miss them and would like for them to come back home to our Church family.

Here at St. Anne’s we have a special program to help Catholics return to the Church entitled “Welcoming Catholics Home.” The series is several times a year in the Joachim Center. We talk about the Mass and the Sacraments, divorce, Vatican II, and will answer any and all questions anyone may have. Please pass this article on to anyone who might be interested.

For more information, please contact Deacon Dave at 630-554-3331 ext 31 or e-mail at ocia@stanneparish.org.