We Carry the Light of Christ

April 17, 2022

We are defined and become what we carry.  Today the Universal Church comes to proclaim Jesus is alive, He has risen from the tomb.  We proclaim that darkness has no power over Him or us.  We proclaim He is the Light of the World.  We are what we carry, we are the burdens that hold us back, and the goodness that lightens the weight.  We are the joy that inspires and the sadness that consumes.  We are at our best, imperfect, and at our worst a false projection of what we are not.

Even with all of this incomplete brokenness, we are called to be bearers of God’s light.  Jesus who is the Light of the World invites us to carry His light and be that light for others.  Like the tomb that was empty, that shook the world to its core, so amazing is the gift that God bestows on us by allowing us to be carriers of His light in the world.  Unworthy as we are, the torch is passed to us.  It is unbelievable; our defining moments are to be the carriers of this most perfect light.

Our hearts are to be burning like those on the road to Emmaus.  That fire from within is to lead us to recognize Jesus in the Breaking of the Bread. We are to move past our unbelief like Thomas and connect our pain with the pain of the Savior who has conquered death.  We are to leave the comfort of our securities and plunge deeply into the depth of our Baptismal Vows we have renewed.  To be a carrier of the Light of Christ means we are to accept this gift of His belief in us.  We cannot do this on our own, so the promise of the Holy Spirit is given to us.  It is to be received so we can know the direction we are to go.  To accept the reality of Easter is to accept the reality that we are what we carry and we carry the Light of Christ.

May this moment become the moment, carrying the Light of the Risen Lord to others.  We are what we carry and today God trusts us with the Light of Christ.

Happy Easter,

Fr. John