We Are The People God Has Been Waiting For

May 30, 2021

The proclamation of the Most Holy Trinity uncovers the desire of God.  Every aspect of the Trinity is about revelation.  God reveals Himself as the Father and Creator.  In this way, we can draw close to His love through nature and be inspired by it.  What takes our breath away when we see the flight of a bald eagle or a setting sun leads us to the fingerprint of the Creator.  Blessed are we to live around such beauty.  God is revealed in Jesus Christ.  When we tell His story and are drawn into the pain and suffering He experienced, when we imagine the miracles of the inflection of His voice as He spoke to His disciples we are embraced by Divine love.  We are saved by One like us in all things but sin who is the Son of God.  Once again from images in our homes and church, we visualize this gift of love lived.  Our doorway to the Trinity is opened even wider by our relationship to our Savior.  Although we did not live in biblical times, the ongoing promise of the Holy Spirit continues to guide us.  What was promised now lives in the lives of all who believe.  The movement we feel in our heart, strength within the Gifts poured out into us is yet another way the love of God is revealed and is constantly revealing His ongoing love for us.

At the core of all of this revelation is the love God has for us.  The desire for us to acknowledge this Trinity of love allows us to be captured by it, embraced by it and changed by it.  God wants us to know Him and love Him.  We are His people, the people He has been waiting for.  He waits for us to acknowledge Him and give Him glory.  He waits for us because He is a God of patience.  We are the people of His revelation.  How glorious is His desire.  May we acknowledge this Trinity of love and realize our love for God is found in what we say and do.

Father John Ouper