The Power of This Word

January 26, 2020

Our Holy Father has invited the world to celebrate this weekend the most amazing event that changed history forever.  We are blessed that the Word of God came to dwell with us and continues to do so.  There are so many words and so many opportunities for us to listen, reflect and pray using words, yet this weekend we are invited to go beyond our use of words to His Word.

In a day, how many words do we use?  In a day how many words do we text or type in emails?  In a day, how many words do we sing?  In a day, how many words do we say in prayer and praise of God?  On the other side of the coin, how many words do we listen to in a day?  How many songs do we listen to in a day?  How many words do we read in texts or emails in a day?   How many words do we listen to from God in a day?  It is staggering when we think about those numbers.

Beyond all of these words, placed before us to ponder and be in awe of this weekend, is the Word of God.  The Word of God is the Word that took flesh and came to dwell with us.  Unlike any other word, it becomes in the moment it is spoken and receives everything that is said.  This Word is beyond our comprehension.  Philosophers have spent time dwelling on it, trying to explain it, yet it is a mystery. As a young priest, I used to contemplate this in prayer a lot.  To say “in the beginning was the Word,” we are using words to describe the beginning.  Yet we are taught that the Trinity is before the beginning.  To say the word “beginning” is to inaccurately describe the mystery.  This is the power of wonderment.

Really, it doesn’t matter how we enter into the Word of God.  What really matters is that we allow the Word to dwell with us.  This is about making ourselves the best vessels of grace to receive what God offers, a Word like no other.  This day is one of commitment; it is a day when we are invited to allow the power of the Word of God to be the most powerful word in our lives.

May God bless our journey and His Word that longs to dwell with us.

Reverend  John J. Ouper