The Choice is Ours

February 12, 2017

The Book of Sirach offers us the treaty on God’s gift of our will and the ability to choose.  Placed before us is good and evil, life and death and we are offered a choice.  This freedom to choose is the foundation for the reality of sin.  Sin is the absence of God.  It is a choice we make, not God’s choice.  Possibilities are always placed before us.  We have the ability to follow the Lord.  We have placed before us a choice to follow Him completely or pick and choose our theologies and philosophies. Sadly, what happens is there is a disconnect from the choosing.  Wisdom is needed.  Responsibility for the choice must be realized.  Our prayer today is that we choose wisely.  Placed before us is life and death, good and evil.  We know what we want to choose, we know what we should choose, but in the moment, do we seek the wisdom to know the difference?

Reverend John J. Ouper