Synod Survey

We live in exciting times in our church.  A Synod has been called to listen and to reflect.  We, each and everyone of us, have been invited to participate. It is the opening of a dialogue.  For us, we are invited to do our part.

A questionnaire has been composed to invite us to reflect on the three major areas of this dialogue.  I encourage you to take the time before we enter the season of Lent to become a participant.

Our website is the connection point for participation.

Feel free to bring these questions to your prayer life.  Pray over what God is saying to you!  Inform us of what the Holy Spirit is prompting you to say in response to these points of reflection.  Feel free to answer all or just some of the questions.  Your participation  is the Church’s invitation to begin the dialogue for the future.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your input.  The Parish Council will then send this on to the Diocese.  We are asking you to please respond by March 1st as a prelude to our season of Lent. Once again these are exciting times as the Universal Church invites us to become a voice for the future.

Fr. John


Click here to participate in the survey: