Making Known to Others What is Revealed

January 19, 2020

Today the Scripture offers us a beautiful example of listening and then trusting.  John the Baptist did a lot of listening, praying and fasting in the desert.  His ability to listen clearly came from placing himself in a setting where he could hear clearly.  In the midst of his listening we hear in the readings today, John revealing that the one who gave him the mission to Baptize at the Jordan had revealed that one would come out of the water and he would see the Holy Spirit descend upon that person.  John saw this when he Baptized Jesus and because of his listening and believing with conviction, he is able to proclaim Jesus as the Son of God.  It is a powerful passage that begins with proper listening.  It begins with an understanding that revelation happens when we know what we are looking for.  To be able to do that well, we must first fast and pray, listen and reflect.

As we begin our journey into Lectio, Lectio, Lectio, it is always the hope that by learning to listen to the inspired Word of God, we will be able to listen and then actually see the fingerprint of God in our lives more clearly.  By listening to the Bible, by praying it in such a way that we listen to the movement of God given to us personally, we can know what to look for, see the hidden blessings, understand the cross and pain of a journey.  The opportunity to pray, listen and reflect on the Scriptures and allow God to reveal in its richness a new and powerful way to communicate with us is the journey we invite everyone to commit to.  It is a chance to personally listen to the Word of God, allow it to dwell within us and then to open our eyes to the faith it is proclaiming.  John the Baptist was unshakable as to knowing who Jesus was.  He was unshakable as to what would happen to him.  The power for his journey came from his ability to listen.

May we reflect on this great revelation of the Gospel today.  John first listened and saw what he was looking for because his vision was set up to look exactly where God would be.  It is amazing how simple and complex the revelation of God is for us and with us.

Reverend  John J. Ouper