God’s Dwelling is with His People

May 15, 2022

When we are looking at our calendar, what do we focus on?  Where are we spending our time?  When we are searching the internet, where have the last ten searches taken us?  This tells us where we are spending our valuable time.  For some, it might be places to visit, golf courses to play.  I spend time looking at tee times for when I can get out.  Others search for experiences and tickets.  Some look for history or facts that can validate assumptions.  Where we search is where we are planning on spending our time.

It is an amazing revelation, an incredible statement that we find in the Second Reading from the Book of Revelation.  We are not only God’s people, but God also longs to spend time with us.  God wants to spend His time with us.  He longs to change our lives, making a point of contact in our celebrations of the Sacraments and being present to listen to our prayers and devotions.  He longs to change the world and make His dwelling with us.  The God of our universe not only wants to spend time with us but also dwell with us, and be a part of us.  He will not abandon us but makes a commitment to be here for us.

This week on the 18th I celebrate my 38th year of ordination.  If there is one thing I know, it is God dwells with His people.  I have been fortunate to see His handiwork in the lives of so many.  He has made His love known when a prodigal child has returned to the family.  His love shines forth in the eyes of grandparents as they see the next generation be Baptized.  It happens when families reminisce about the past as they lay a loved one to eternal rest.  God dwells with His people.  He not only wants to spend time with us but wants to be an active part of the experience. I had an emergency call at 3:00 AM last week.  As I drove to the hospital, I was moved to pray about the gift it is to bring the reassurance of God’s presence to a person and family who needs it.  It is through these sacramental signs God will reassure a family of forgiveness and the promise of new life.  It was an energized morning.  I am grateful to God for the opportunity to see firsthand His real presence changing the lives of so many.  As I have been packing and clearing out things for my upcoming move, I am grateful to all those who through the years have written notes, sent cards, and shared with me how thankful they are for the moments God touched and changed their lives.  Re-reading them is a constant reminder of how active God is in the lives of His people.

As the journey continues, may it find us in prayer to our God who dwells with us

Fr. John