God Has Visited His People

June 5, 2016

Having witnessed the Lord bringing back a young man to life, the crowd is filled with wonder and awe.  They make the proclamation that “God has visited His people”.  This gift of visitation is a greater doorway to our summer.  For many, summer signals a time when children are out of school, a relaxed atmosphere resides in the homes, activities and opportunities are planned.  Families seem to take the time to choose destinations.  Some will go to Great America, others maybe to the city for a day at the lakefront or Navy Pier.  In our house, summer was met with not only a vacation somewhere, but always a day trip to Milwaukee.  We would take the train to the city, hop on the Greyhound bus and together, we would enjoy a day away.  Baseball parks are also a place we sometimes visit, and the county fair is a great draw as well.  When we visit these places, we get to experience something new.  Our eyes are opened to a new experience.  We usually come home and reflect on all that took place.  Sometimes we tell those stories on the way home or post them on Facebook or on a blog.  We share what took place.

God has visited His people with forgiveness and mercy.  God has visited His people with sacrifice and joy.  God has visited His people with love and understanding.  God has visited His people with peace and healing.  All of this happens because of the great love God has for us.  He visits us constantly.  Over the last year great things have happened in our faith community.  Baptisms have occurred and in that washing, original sin has been overthrown by God’s grace.  In Confirmation the gifts of the Holy Spirit have been given for our needs and blessings.  Through those gifts the power of God manifests itself in our actions.  In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, sin and the burden of darkness are overcome by the great sacrifice of our Savior on the cross.  In the Sacrament of the Sick, the gateway of heaven is offered to those close to death so that they may make the final preparations to see the angel of eternity. Peace is given to those facing surgery and illness.  In the Eucharist, God feeds us His Body and Blood, pure and simple.

It is so easy for me to live in this reality.  I see it in your lives each and every day.  I see the hunger, I see the desire.  I see when some just place it all into God’s hands.  This inspires me, this refreshes my soul.  When I hear the phrase, “God visits His people”, I know this to be true and respond yes.  He is alive at St. Anne. The people here have revealed Him to me.  I see it in our Reverse Collection and all that the Godparent Program did for charity on Super Sunday.  I see it in the many families calling for the Anointing of the Sick as loved ones journey into eternity, longing for the peace that this world cannot give.  I see it in the First Communicants enjoying the invitation to participate fully in the gift of the Eucharist.  There is so much good at St. Anne.  God does not abandon us.

We are blessed in the multitude of ways God visits us.  He longs for us to be present to Him.  As we plan our summer trips, as we take our summer days away, let’s take time to visit the Lord.  Let’s make sure we find the time to reflect on how good God is and recognize how present He is in our lives.

God has visited His people.  God has given His life for us. God has promised His presence to us.  This reality never disappoints.  Visit with Him as He visits with us.

Rev. John J. Ouper