When His Light and Our Light Meet

February 2, 2020

The Gospel invites us to become a light in the world.  For me personally, my relationship with light is foundational.  On the day of my eye surgery I was filled with anxious moments and thoughts of the procedure, but light is crucial to be able to trust in God no matter what happens.  On the day after surgery, I went back to the doctor’s office to have him open up the bandages and even in the midst of the swelling he shined a light on the eye at the place of the incision.  Although this has an intensity like no other and causes gut-wrenching pain, I endured the procedure.  Because it was in the ability to react to that light, I was assured to know I wasn’t blind.  In the midst of that pain the reality that healing could begin replaced the shock of what just took place.

The eye reacts to the light; we all react to it.  When we go from a darkened room to light, we react.  In the morning when the shades are pulled open and the brightness of the light fills the room, we react.  In the Gospel, Jesus invites us to do more than react.  He invites us to become a light to the world; He calls us to be a light that is not to be hidden.  He invites us to do more than react.  For us to engage in the opportunity to be a light in the world we must first have a relationship with the one and true light, Jesus Christ.  He will tell us He is the light of the world, a light that overcomes the darkness, a light that darkness can never overpower.  Our Easter Vigil begins with fire.  From one blessed Easter candle we share in the light and on that night we recommit ourselves to our Baptismal promises.  We recommit ourselves to sharing the light of Christ with others.

Today, we do not have to wait for the Easter Vigil.  Today we can go and bring the light of Christ to others.  Today we can let our light shine so others may see the glory of God.  It is easy to react to the light; it is far harder to share the light.  Let’s take the harder road!

What are we waiting for?

Reverend  John J. Ouper