Entering into God’s Divine Mercy and Allowing Divine Mercy to Enter into Us

April 28, 2019


To enter into God’s Divine Mercy we are invited to reflect on what Jesus chooses to reveal to us, in His words and in His actions.  It is amazing to think that Jesus came into the world to pay the price for our sins.  It is amazing to resonate with the stories of forgiveness Jesus told.  He shared with us of a father who chased after both sons to let them know they are forgiven in the story of the prodigal.  He told us as a shepherd He would seek and find the lost sheep.  All of this knowledge is to move us past our intellect and move into our hearts.  Sr. Faustina brought the experience of God’s Divine Mercy to us through praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  All of this involves our choice to take what we know, to take what we believe and choose to give it power.



To allow God’s Divine Mercy to enter into us, we must find ourselves in the stillness of our sin.  From our sin and in the places of sin, the power of mercy coupled with its divine origin can begin to enter into us.  It is because we need mercy, because we need forgiveness that we can open ourselves up to let mercy enter into us.  Our lives are never the same when we truly know we are forgiven.  Our lives are never the same when we hear in the depths of our soul that we are not defined by sin, but rather we are named by grace.  The only way to this overwhelming experience comes from the total honesty with oneself.  When the vulnerability of being fragile, when the admission of sin becomes the doorway, Divine Mercy floods in.  It is stunning that God cares this much.  It is overwhelming that the God who created the universe wants a life with us for all eternity.  We can never get there on our own.  Only God with His Divine Mercy can get us there.

My prayer is that we can allow Divine Mercy to enter into us.   It is my prayer that we will find ourselves embracing the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  This is the place where we hear that our sins are forgiven forever.  God has offered us His Divine Love, so all we have to do is offer Him our sin.  When we do, the cross becomes powerful and redeeming.  It is not easy to let sin be the doorway, yet it is.