The Efficient Sower of the Spirit of God

Week of July 16, 2017

There are so many ways to enter this parable, yet the one that strikes me is the contrast of Jesus the sower and the efficiency of farming.  Now I am not a farmer and I know nothing of farming.  But what I do understand is that with modern technology the farmer works at making the fields and land the most productive they can be.  From minerals to soil supplements, every row of crop matters.   Even in biblical times, there was a need to have the seed properly planted for the best result.  With that as our backdrop, look at what Jesus proposes–a sower who throws seed everywhere.  This action is not product sensitive.  It is not efficient.  It sends seed to places where it will never grow, but that doesn’t stop the sower from putting it out there.  This method of throwing seed everywhere gives us an insight as to what Jesus was trying to teach the vast crowds about the love of God and the desire of His heavenly Father.  The goodness of God is freely given, without worry of the outcome.  The outcome has nothing to do with the generosity and goodness of the seed freely given.  It has everything to do with the environment of the receiver, or where the seed lands.  Some get excited at first, but for lack of roots, they never finish a project.  Some let others influence them so much that the thorns just choke the life out of them.  Others take the word to heart and make it happen and it flourishes within them.  All received the same seed.

Jesus revealed for us the generosity of the Father.  He gives everyone a chance.  He longs for the seed, His living word among us, to grow.  Instead of seeing things as weeds, thorns and rocks, He sees everything as having potential.  All of the seed is the same.  All of the seed flows from the love of God.  This generosity is not efficient and is not given to just those who will flourish.  So often in the midst of families, there is division over faith.  There is a judging of others because of actions.  It happens between religions as well.  But what is lost is the Creator of the seed, the Creator of the divine love who gives it to everyone, even if they can’t or won’t accept it.  This insight into God is most profound.  Even the disciples did not understand it.

As we go forth, it is a special time to be thankful.  The Giver of Life gives it intentionally, not efficiently.  The Giver of Faith allows us to grow inspired by His belief in our potential.  When someone believes in us, our lives are changed because the encouragement is tremendous.  How much more overwhelming and profound is this love and belief when it comes from our perfect God?  It is perfect belief in our potential.

Today we celebrate the Kingdom. It is not one of efficiency, but it is one of love.

Reverend John J. Ouper