Demo DASH 2 (7th Grade) Students

  • Meet in person, on Sundays  from 5 – 7pm per their calendar dates.
  • The opposite semester, students will have work to complete at home via Google Classroom & St. Mary Press modules.  Parent help will be needed for some assignments.
  •  Focus for this level is usually on Jesus as a person through the New Testament & Moral Decision Making.
  •  At specific sessions (in person or home learning), Confirmation will be a strong theme, though each session is about Confirmation preparation because it is all about learning to be a better disciple.
  • See below for other expected Confirmation components which are separate from the Sunday DASH sessions

EXTRA THINGS TO KNOW & DO for this level:

  • “All about Me?” parent/child project   Template given to students via Google Classroom
  • “Catholic Role Model” (aka Sponsor choice) reflection (w/parent help) due in Spring Template given to students via Google Classroom
  • 12 Community Service hours   Google Sheet assigned in Google Classroom but also CLICK HERE
    Parameters? Almost anything counts as long as it was done for someone in need, outside of the family (some exceptions given), not during school hours or specifically benefiting your extra-curricular group/team, and not paid for it.
  • Faithboosters (1 each from January–May)
    This will be discussed at their last session in December. These are personal (some family) faith experiences that are done outside of DASH, and outside of Mass, that boost  their faith/prayer life.  As students will not be coming in person 2nd semester, each month, in addition to any assignments posted, they are to choose a Faithbooster to complete and share a reflection in Google Classroom.  Family Faithboosters are ideal, and each experience should be about approximately 1 hour.
    DASH 2 Faithboosters