Celebrating the Feast of St. Anne

Week of July 22, 2018

We are a blessed community and the joy of the Lord is all around us.  On Thursday we will celebrate the Feast of St. Anne.  Every year our patronal feast offers us an opportunity to reflect, to celebrate and to look forward with a sense of wisdom.  This year our feast is on a Thursday and the celebration of the Eucharist will take place at 7 a.m. in the church.  The church is a rich symbol of grace for all of us.  It is a reminder of the perseverance of those pastors who shepherded the flock from its very beginning of gathering in hall to the devastation of a fire and the rebuilding efforts that have taken form in a beautiful place to worship God.  It is here that an altar was dedicated and the sacrifice of the Eucharist connects heaven and earth.  It is here that the oil for anointing is used as those riddled with pain find hope in the healing power of Jesus.  It is here that the waters of Baptism are not only poured on the foreheads of babies and children being Baptized, but also brought to the casket as a person celebrates their eternal redemption at the Rite of Christian Burial.  All of this takes place in this one place.  All of this starts with the covenant of God.

Throughout history and in this present age God continues to send forth His love to us.  With the saints and angels, the heavenly realm gifts us with examples of how to live our faith in a vibrant way.  St. Anne welcomed the promise of the Lord when she gave birth to Mary.  It was as a loving mother that she listened to her daughter speak of love and creating a family.  It was as a mom that she heard the anxious fear of a teenager who had seen the angel Gabriel and how her life was changing beyond what could ever be expected.  It was Anne that Mary ran to for help, consolation and peace; a peace only a mother can give.  It would be the peace learned from her mom that she would share with her own son Jesus.  From the Immaculate Conception to the pain of watching her Son suffer, Mary could always rely on God and the mother God chose for her, Anne.

Today we gather knowing her protective love looks upon us on this feast day.  Her protective love inspires us to trust and believe. We are a great parish with so many blessings.  I am grateful to the flourishing ministries that find their strength in God.  I look forward to this new year and the joy of walking side by side to build the Kingdom of God.  Join us on the feast to celebrate as a community at the Taste of St. Anne this Saturday!

Reverend John J. Ouper