Being Rescued

Week of June 25, 2017

Did you know the Oswego Fire Department is prepared for a water rescue on the Fox River?  Beyond the time they take to prepare to rescue people from fires, they also prepare themselves for all sorts of other search and rescue situations.  Today the first reading is about the Prophet Jeremiah proclaiming to the people to sing and rejoice for the greatness of God has rescued the poor from the power of the wicked.  It is good for us to ponder what the prophet presents.  First it is important to know what God is rescuing the people from.  He is rescuing them from the power of the wicked.  When one is rescued, the place from which they are being rescued no longer has the control. When a firefighter reaches out a hand to lead a child to safety, the fire or water no longer has the control.  It no longer can trap the person.  God is saying through the prophet that the power of the wicked no longer has control.

The second point of being rescued is that we must admit we need help.  When the backdrop of danger overwhelms us. It is easy to call 911 and ask for help.  It is not so easy when our stubbornness and pride keep us from realizing our poverty.  We hate to admit we are in need of rescuing.  God longs to rescue us at times from the power of our very selves.  We need to be rescued.  We need to be saved; the wickedness of sin at times can take over our very lives.  Jeremiah was a great prophet.  He spoke clearly the message of God. There should be great rejoicing because God is the great rescuer.

I can remember all of those games in Social Studies that made you choose. Remember when you received the question: There are twelve people in a boat or plane and only three can survive, who would you pick?  Analyzing would begin and supposedly who you chose to keep revealed your priorities. Well, in this scenario, the prophet reminds us in God’s boat or plane He does the choosing and there is no elimination round.  He has chosen all of us.  Everyone is a priority.  He has rescued all of us from the power of wickedness, evil and sin.  Sing out and rejoice; we are rescued!

Reverend John J. Ouper