An Angelic Intervention

Week of December 18, 2016

“Angels We Have Heard on High”. It will be the song of angels that leads the shepherds to where they are to see the Christ child.  It is the angel Gabriel that speaks with Mary.  It is an angel who comes in a dream to Joseph.  All of this activity brings us to the realization of the sacred and holy.  God sends messengers so that we will find our way and so that we will be convinced.  We live in an interesting time.  Many in society are trying to get our attention and point us in directions that will bring us joy and happiness.  If you are like me, we have been given blurred lines as to what is really going on.  Just take Christmas sales for an example.  How many times have we been told, sent an email or a coupon to say this special offering is taking place now until a given date.  Then we are bombarded with the same message saying the sale has been extended, but this is your last chance.  Then the next day, by some miracle, the sale is extended again.  It is miraculous.  All of this to lead us to buy something we need in order to fulfill someone else’s wish list.  It is amazing at how many sales get extended.   How strong is the bombardment of the message?

In today’s Gospel we are given a different message.  Angels point the way and intervene so we might see the fulfillment of the promise, so we might look beyond the coupon and groupons to the real promise.  Jesus our Savior is the Son of God.  The waiting is not extended, there will not be any better deal.  It is real and it comes to us in the gift of the Eucharist today and every day.  The Savior born in Bethlehem is alive to us.  It took angels to capture the attention of the Holy Family.  It takes angels to lead us to the significance of this moment.  We have a full week of Advent that is placed before us.  Angels will lead us if we let them.  Angels will guide us if we allow ourselves the opportunity to look for their message.  It is one of fulfillment of the ancient prophesies.

Angels continue to intervene.  It is up to us to listen and follow.

Reverend John J. Ouper