An Abundant Harvest

July 3, 2016

In the Gospel, Jesus tells us that the harvest is abundant yet the laborers are few.  It is important that we connect with the abundant harvest.  To see it we must ask ourselves, am I a positive person?  Do I see the good in others? Do I recognize God’s blessing?  Do I see the good that is around and give God glory?   For me, the journey to St. Anne has been one of great blessing.  I am enriched by the faith and vibrant joy in this community.  I have learned so much by living here.  As we enter July, I am entering my fourth year at St. Anne.   It is hard to believe.  I can’t imagine being more blessed.  I am still navigating the roads and the neighborhoods, yet I know what side of the river is Route 25 and that on the opposite shore is Route 31.  I have done communion calls long enough to know my way around to the regulars.  I have seen incredible trust in God shared at funerals and the funeral luncheons when volunteers open their hearts to families at the time of loss.  I have seen our children be supported by their parents as they receive Sacraments and I have seen new volunteers sacrifice to make things happen.

Last week at one of my encounters of visiting an elderly couple to celebrate the anointing of the sick, I had a great conversation with them.  Now that they are up in age they need a care giver.  Their comments about their care givers were wonderful.  One of the rules in their house is, a care giver is to be considered as family.  When they eat they expect the care giver to sit with them. They expect the care giver to join in the conversation.  What a testimony to abundant blessing.  Their vision is not to see the person as plain staff; there to serve them. Rather, they welcome them to the table to be family at meals.  I am still in awe of this; abundant blessings.

I have watched families extend their homes to a parent who is close to death so they will be surrounded by love.  I have watched the faith of a dad hold his children as their mom has been called home by God.  Faith radiates to a depth of inspiration all around us.  Hours of sacrifice are spent in every Commission and every Parish Council meeting.  Volunteers putting the needs of the parish in the forefront to make a commitment to help others is awe inspiring; abundant blessings.   Seeing the parents whose children were Baptized the week before coming to church; abundant blessings.

It is up to us to see all the good that God is doing.  My life is overflowing and my joy is thrilled with God whose harvest is overwhelming.

Rev. John J. Ouper