A Note From Father Eickhoff

August 28, 2022

This weekend marks roughly the first two months of my becoming your pastor here at St. Anne Parish.  It has been a good first two months and I am eager to see the parish continue to flourish in the coming months.

There are several points I would like to make in terms of helping the parish to flourish.

The first is that the Religious Education program here at St. Anne Parish will soon begin.  I hope to see all of the RE families at the weekend Masses this coming September 17 and 18 which will mark the beginning of the RE program’s year.  If you have a child you would like to register for RE but have not yet done so, you are not too late.  Contact the RE office right away and sign up.  Volunteers are still needed to help make the RE program a complete success.  If you have thought about volunteering in some way but are unsure as to how and when you might be able to help the RE program, I encourage you to contact the RE office.  Their contact information is in the bulletin.

The second is the Pig Roast you may have heard about during the announcements at last weekend’s Masses.  There is indeed a Pig Roast scheduled for Sunday, October 9 between 12pm and 3pm here at the parish.  And I guarantee that it will be delicious.  Heroically, I ventured to a neighboring parish that held a pig roast earlier this month conducted by the same company St. Anne Parish will be using and extensively sampled the food.  I found it very tasty.  So good in fact that I was given some leftover pork that I am still working my way through.  Keep alert for further updates regarding ticket sales (don’t worry you won’t break the piggy bank buying tickets) for the roast.

Third, you have no doubt seen the signs announcing, “THE SEARCH,” which will be a major faith building program held here at St. Anne Parish.   The program will begin early in 2023, but we will begin sign-ups later this year.  I hope that you will consider attending the program and joining with other St. Anne parishioners in growing in your faith.

Finally, I encourage you during this multi-year “Year of the Eucharist” (really this year of the Eucharist runs from now to 2024) to come to Eucharistic Adoration.  Adoration is currently held every Wednesday evening from 7pm to 8pm and every Friday morning from 8.30am to 9am.  You don’t have to stay the entire time.  You may find that just stopping by and taking 15 minutes to pray before the Lord to be both peaceful and helpful to you.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Stephen Eickhoff