A Note From Father Eickhoff

July 30, 2023

After a long bulletin article two weeks ago and a theological bulletin article last week I think this week I am just going to write a recap bulletin article.  In this bulletin article I want to highlight a few important events going on in the parish:

  • First, I want thank all of the volunteers who helped to make last week’s Vacation Bible School a great success. I think the kids had a great deal of fun and I also think that they learned something about the Holy Eucharist during their time at VBS.  St. Anne Parish is looking forward to holding more children’s events this upcoming year and I hope that the number of children attending those events will continue to grow.
  • Second, I want to thank everyone who helped to prepare the church for the Feast Day of our patron saint. Yes, the feast day hasn’t happened yet at the time that I am writing this bulletin article; but the volunteers have been hard at work preparing for the Mass of Celebration and the following reception.  I’m going to put on my time traveling glasses and say that everything was great.
  • Third, I have good news to report. By the time you read this bulletin article St. Anne Parish will have reached its goal for the 2023 Diocese of Joliet Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal of $109,300.  At the time I am writing this bulletin article we are just $153 dollars short of the goal and we should have passed the goal by the time you read this article.  I suppose that I could have waited until next week to let you all know the good news, but I wanted to share it with you ahead of time.  From this point forward 70% of the money in excess of our parish’s goal amount will be returned to the parish. So please continue fulfilling your pledge amounts knowing that St. Anne Parish will be the prime beneficiary of your generosity.
  • Fourth, the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (a Holy Day of Obligation) is on Tuesday, August 15. There will be three Masses that day: one at 7am, another at 12pm, and the last at 7pm.
  • Fifth, as you heard during the announcements last weekend the Parish Pig Roast will be returning to St. Anne’s! Please save the date for Sunday, September 10.  More information will be coming out soon.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Stephen Eickhoff