A Note From Father Eickhoff

March 5, 2023

Studying the Second Reading today from St. Paul’s 2nd Letter to Timothy reminds me of watching the gameshow The Price is Right as a child.  No doubt you are asking yourself the question “how is that?”  Imagine the scene.  There is Bob Barker announcing the next game to the contestants and as everyone’s anticipation is raised to a fever pitch he calls out to his assistants to reveal the wonderful prizes that could be won.  Both the crowd and the contestants see the potential prizes and begin to cheer.  St. Paul in today’s Second Reading is taking the place of Bob Barker and we, the listeners to his letter, are the excited crowd and contestants.

There is a difference however between the game show and real life.  The prizes to be won on the game show are simple material goods: a new washer and dryer combo, a jet ski, or perhaps a new car.  You may or may not need them.  You may or may not even want them. And whether you want them or not or need them or not; they belong to this world and will therefore eventually break or be rendered obsolete.  The prize that St. Paul tells us that Jesus Christ has revealed to the world through the Gospel is eternal life with God.  A prize that we all should want, and a prize that never breaks or becomes old-fashioned.

This makes St. Paul an even greater presenter than Bob Barker (and St. Paul didn’t even have television or radio to work within his day).  Essentially what St. Paul was doing as he traveled from place to place proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ was revealing to his listeners the fabulous prize that could be theirs if only they would accept the Word of God and become disciples of Jesus Christ.

A quick reminder:

On Saturday, March 25 between 2pm and 5pm we will hold a special Eucharistic Adoration in the church.  During this Eucharistic Adoration there will be periods of silence, readings from the writings of the saints, and live music.  You are welcome to come for the entire three hours or for just a part.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Stephen Eickhoff