Entering into the Peace Only Jesus Can Give and Allowing the Peace Only Jesus Can Give to Enter into Us

May 26 2019

Entering into the Peace Only Jesus Can Give

esus states that He will give us a peace that this world cannot give.  If we believe this, I would like a full share and a second helping of it!!  In a time when we seem as a society to be spinning out of control and when every issue of the moment becomes a global crisis, it is hard to get off of a crazy cycle.  It is upon this cycle that we need the peace that Jesus is speaking of.  It is a peace that this world cannot give.  As the speed of information increases and its access seems to be able to be seen by everybody, peace and security seem to be bonded together.  When I went to Africa for the first time, I landed in Lusaka, Zambia and I was traveling alone at maybe 26 or 27 years of age.  I remember seeing all of the high walls around everyone’s property.  On the top of the fences of brick and mortar was cut glass, broken bottles and barbed wire, all embedded into the stone in order to stop intruders from entering. The Jesuit priest I was staying with said one third of Lusaka is hired by another one third of Lusaka to keep out the other one third of Lusaka.  In a place like that it must be hard to find peace.  In our classrooms drills are run for the children to learn safety protocol in so many more possible disasters than just fires or tornadoes.  It must be hard for our children to find peace.  It is because we need it so much and we desire it so much that the reality of what Jesus offers can sometimes escape us.  To find lasting peace is to surrender.  It begins with the crucial realization that nothing in this world can give us this peace; not success, not a championship, not a promotion.  None of these can bring us peace.  Not a new car, not a hole in one, not three beach houses and no more student loans; none of this is the peace Jesus offers.  What He offers is the breath and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  His peace comes from the realization that true happiness will only come in union with God in heaven.  Because of this the pressure on this world is relieved.  If we believe the world cannot give us this total peace, we don’t have to seek it in the things of this world.  Our true journey then becomes one of faith, hope and love.  St. Paul says only these things remain.

And Allowing the Peace Only Jesus Can Give to Enter into Us

When we allow the peace only Jesus can give to enter into us, a whole new dynamic can fill our lives.  As we breathe in the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, we are to take in a sense of calm.  In two weeks we will celebrate Pentecost.  The Gospel that day will remind us how Jesus breathed upon them to receive the Holy Spirit.  That action of taking a deep breath does something for everyone.  On this day we are to be committed to begin our breathing exercises.  We are to learn to expand our spiritual capacity.  Whenever we visit a doctor, when they check our breathing, what do they say?  They instruct us to take deep breaths to expand the lungs.  When we do this, they can listen better and a different calm comes over us even as they are checking our lungs for disease or our hearts for irregularity.  What an experience.  In exercise classes they tell you when to breathe in and when to exhale.  I never used to pay attention.  Now I do.  It helps with the stretches.  To experience the peace only Jesus can give, we must begin our breathing exercises.  Meditation can do this, the celebration of the mysteries of the rosary can do this.  Time in adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament can do this.  Breathing exercises make us stronger and healthier.  Taking in God’s blessings, recognizing His peace can expand our spiritual growth.  We can receive this peace more profoundly when we prepare.  Breathe in the blessings of Jesus.  Breathe in His mercy and forgiveness.  Breathe in His promise of the Holy Spirit.

Peace can be found and cherished when we prepare our souls to receive it.  May this week find us doing our breathing exercises.

Reverend  John J. Ouper