Farming in the Heartland of God

June 13, 2021

In the Gospel, Jesus uses a parable to remind us the precious Kingdom of God is like a farmer who scatters the seed and trusts it will grow without much control and knowledge.  In our present time, we know that with agricultural education our farming community knows exactly what to do to get the best yield.  They measure rain and nutrients in the soil, they understand what to do when the sprout begins to grow and when it needs protection and help.  Farmers are a blessing and their knowledge of the land gives them an appreciation of God’s creation.  Yet in farming, there are some uncontrollable variables each season.  There are soggy fields that might necessitate a late planting or drought that can bleach the soil.  Harvest can be derailed by many factors.  In all of this, from the very start farmers know that there are things they can control and there are things they cannot.  They realize this every day which grounds them in faith.  I know nothing about farming, yet I have been blessed to learn just a little in these past years here.  Being mesmerized by the combine and watching it work, seeing the fields move from one stage of growth to another has been fascinating.  Realizing the trust that resonates in working with the land, farmers work hard so that the plant can reach its potential and in doing so provide the most and best of feed for those who will receive it.

The parable invites us to reconnect with our trust and reliance on God.  The one who scatters the seed must trust it will grow and trust what grows can be harvested.  It is a beautiful lesson on trust.  Jesus tells the listeners there are things they have no control over even if they think they do.  The one who relies on God totally is the one who lives in the moment praising Him for all that He does.  The more we surrender, the more we rely more on God than ourselves, the more we grasp the joy of the Kingdom where God is God and there is no other like His salvific love.

May our harvest be plentiful this year as we strive to rely totally on God,

Father John Ouper