The Holiness of this Week

April 10, 2022

Our God longs for us to enter this week open to profound holiness.  What takes place over the Sacred Three Days of the Triduum is a celebration so great, so powerful, so life-changing that the mystery of death and resurrection, the meaning of our very existence is presented to us in sign and symbol. The lifesaving actions of our Savior are presented to us as a doorway to the Sacred.  The opening prayer, the Collect, for Thursday of the Lord’s Supper, calls us to participate and it calls us to draw from so great a mystery that we can and will find the fullness of charity and of life.  It is powerful prayer at its core.  On Friday of the Passion of the Lord, we will hear before we take our leave and go our separate ways the words of the Prayer after Communion, we are to have a life unceasingly devoted to God. The focus of that prayer is a single vision.  On the glorious morning of Easter, the opening prayer invites us to not only keep the solemnity of the Lord’s Resurrection but that it might, through the renewal brought by the Holy Spirit, allow us to rise up in the light of life.  It is a prayer to uplift us in its deepest meaning.

Holiness will be found in how we draw from these mysteries.  Holiness will be found when we allow the Holy Spirit to help us rise to new heights in the Light of Christ.  Holiness will be found when we focus on devoting ourselves more fully to God.

It will happen.  All we have to do is present ourselves to this Mystery.

May this week find us seeking the holiness God longs for us to become.

Fr. John J. Ouper