Parents Page 2019-2020



St. Anne Religious Education Handbook – includes attendance policy & session days/times

K – 6 calendar

DASH 2  (Sunday & Thursday) calendar – subject to slight changes

DASH 3 (Sunday & Thursday) calendar – subject to slight changes

To quickly find items specific to DASH 2 & 3 see links below:

Link to DASH 2 page

Link to DASH 3 page



Please make sure to read through everything (Steps 1-8) before you complete the registration form (found below in one of the steps.)


Step 1:  Consider being a VOLUNTEER

2019-2020 Volunteer Needs as of August 20 2019

Every year this program runs solely because amazing parents, grandparents, and faith-filled parishioners step up to offer their time and talent.  Yet, we always have roles unclaimed that might have your name on it!  Before you register consider how God works in your life, how you can fully witness this to your children and maybe, in small or big ways, offer this to our parish.

We need:

*Catechists and Aides for ALL Grade levels (100% tuition waiver gifted)
*Hallway monitors (might sound simple, but is VERY important – 50% tuition waiver gifted)
*Parking Lot monitors (vital for safety – 50% tuition waiver gifted)
*Nursey volunteers at the 4:30pm sessions (50% tuition waiver gifted)


Step 2:  Set Your Calendar & mark now the RE KICK-OFF FAMILY GATHERING

NEW families to St. Anne RE program may have a special welcome meeting in the Fall.  Date to be determined.
ALL families are to choose which special (and required) RE Kick-off Mass to attend to start our year.  Dates are:  Sat., September 14th at 6:30pm OR Sun., September 15th at 4pm.  ALL of your children enrolled in RE should be in attendance WITH their parents at that Mass.

Look at the Calendar links above and mark the RE/DASH schedule for the year in your phone. (Especially those in DASH 2 or 3 as there is no consistency to the dates.)

*Monday families
, note there is one date where students are not in school but WILL be at RE.  This is to ensure we have the proper amount of time in class for all students.


Step 3: Know what we need for a COMPLETED REGISTRATION

A complete registration means you have sent a payment AND paperworkWe will not process your registration until both are received.

To receive the Early Bird Rate:  You choose to fill out the forms and pay however you want, but BOTH the forms and the money must be received by or ON July 15th.

*Only completed registrations will be processed in the order they are received.

*For families with a child(ren) NEW to the program, a copy of your child’s baptism certificate (if they were NOT baptized at St. Anne), must also accompany your registration.


Step 4: Know our TUITION AMOUNTS

– The box below reflects our normal St. Anne rates for check/cash payments.  If you choose to write a check, make it payable to: St. Anne RE

– Additional fees apply for using your Credit Card through the PayPal option. These amounts will change according to the rate period and can be found in the drop-down box for the PayPal link.

-If you need a flexible payment option, please click below:

Flexible payment plan 2019-2020 – Fill out the form and turn it in WITH your other paperwork and your 20% deposit tuition payment.

-If you are experiencing extreme financial struggles and need a partial or complete waiver, please contact the RE office before you register and speak to either Ms. Cathy Gillooly or Ms. Julie Krakora. (There is a form we need completed here in the office to help you.)

Remember, to qualify for a tier rate, both payment AND paperwork must be received within the dates allotted for that tier. 

*** Use this table if paying by Cash or Check: ***

# of Children Early Bird
(until July 15th)
Regular Rate (starts July 16th)
1 130 180
2 180 230
3+ 210 250

*** Click below (PayPal button) to use your Credit Card – processing fees will be included: ***

(Note: You do NOT need a PayPal account to use PayPal & your own credit card.)

Pay with Credit Card/PayPal


Step 5: Special Situations/Car Pool Needs?

-SPICE (Special People Included in Catholic Environments)

If you have a child with special needs, please open and print out this form:

SPICE Information Form 2019-2020

to share important information with us about your child’s specific needs.  If you have more than one child with special needs, please use a separate form for each child. The page(s) should be turned in with your completed registration form.

CAR POOLS? Families are placed into preferred class times on a first come, first serve basis.
*Include the names of carpooling families in your list of who is authorized to pick up your child.

*Make sure all families involved choose the same day/time preferences AND turn in their forms/payments at the same time.
*NOTE: carpool requests are for the same session day/time, NOT necessarily the same classroom and cannot be guaranteed if sessions are already full.

Step 6: REVIEW Family Handbook &

all referred to on pg. 4 of registration form

St. Anne Religious Education Handbookespecially note new information on page 2!

Parent Guide to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Policy Regarding the Sexual Abuse of Minors

Standards of Behavior Policy

Internet Safety Brochure

Parent Letter Regarding Safe Environment Instruction

Class times (as found in the handbook)
KN – 6th grade/DASH 1:  Mon, Tue, or Wed at 4:30 – 5:30 PM  OR 6 – 7 PM

: Sunday at 3:45 – 5:30 PM  or  6:15 – 8 PM;  or NEW Thursday 4:15 – 6 PM
**Thursday time for DASH 2 & DASH 3  will only take place if both volunteers step forward to teach and we have enough students.**


Step 7: Now it’s time to REGISTER 

2019-2020 Registration Form

The link above leads you to DOWNLOAD a fillable form onto your computer. You can also just print out the form and completely fill it out by hand if that is easier for you.  Paper copies of the form will always be available in the RE office.

In order to fill in the form electronically:
A.  Do NOT fill in the registration form if it opens as a web browser page – All of 
your information will be lost when you try to save it!
B.  You MUST download the Registration Form onto your computer and
C.  You MUST open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. (Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DC =>

NEW THIS YEAR: You can do everything from home because an electronic signature is now approved!
However, if you want the old-school way, feel free to fill in all fields on the form except the signature, and then PRINT the form, do a regular signature, and scan it back to us or send pages in with a check. 

Total Electronic Way:

1. Complete the fillable PDF that was downloaded onto your computer.  (If you have children in DASH 2 or DASH 3, don’t forget to fill out page 5.)
2. Page 4 requires a parent signature. Be sure to click and place a checkmark next to each document under the “Mandatory Diocesan Compliance Information” section. Then type in your name to provide your electronic “signature.”
3. Make sure tosave your PDF like this: LastName St. Anne 19-20 RE registration
4. Go to the PayPal page to use your credit card to pay.



*If you followed the directions above, you already have a saved document with an electronic “signature.”
*If you filled out the form and then used a pen for your signature, scan the forms back to your computer, then save the file to your computer. Please DO NOT send us pictures you took of the completed forms. (It triples processing time on our end.)

ATTACH your completed/saved FILE & send in an email to:  
– In that email let us know if you are paying by Credit Card/PayPal.  We will automatically receive notification of payment once you complete the transaction and we will print out that page and attach to your registration.  (If you happen to have a PayPal account and your name on it is NOT the name we have on file for your family, let us know!)

– If you also need to send us a baptismal certificate, please also scan (NOT a photo) and attach that file to your email.

– If you are doing a Payment Plan, make sure that completed file (NOT a photo) is also attached.

VIA POST MAIL:  Mail all pages to:  St. Anne RE; PO Box 670; Oswego, IL 60543
Include your CHECK made out to St. Anne R.E.

 Come in person to the RE office or put it in the drop box located by the Religious Goods Store (with payment inside the envelope).



Around the 15th and 30th of each month (June, July, and August)  we intend to send group emails to families.
**This is only to confirm (a) that your family is registered and (b) your scheduled day and time.**
You will not know your child’s classroom or teacher until late August when you will be asked to pick up your RE Schedule letter.