A Note from Father Eickhoff

July 3, 2022

Back in the summer of 2020 I discovered that there was one benefit to all the changes that were made when the Covid restrictions were still in effect.  The city of Naperville – where my parents live – moved the location for the 4th of July fireworks show to a city park directly behind my parent’s house. It turns out that my parents backyard might just have the single best viewing location for the fireworks show in the entire area.  And, when I go there this weekend for the fireworks show, I know that I will have a guaranteed parking spot right next to the house.  In this one instance, the changes caused by the reaction to Covid worked out really well for me.

I admit that I had not planned on moving from my previous assignment as pastor of St. Liborius, Steger and St. Mary, Park Forest this year or for another six years.  I had come to like the people of both parishes and to enjoy being located in a forgotten part of the Diocese of Joliet. However, as we all learn at some point or another in our lives, plans change.  Now I find myself with you at St. Anne Parish in Oswego.  I am not totally unfamiliar with the Oswego area.  I am a graduate of Waubonsie Valley High School (take that for what you will) and my home parish is Our Lady of Mercy in Aurora.  Though I will say that it has been many years since I have spent much time in the area.  My first thoughts as I was driving to St. Anne after being informed that I was to be your new pastor were: “my goodness, this town has really built up since I was last here” and “didn’t I use to drive about 70mph down this road when I was a teenager?”  I am glad for the opportunity to spend a great deal of time learning more about St. Anne Parish and you, the Christian people of the parish.  So, I will say that just as the changes in the fireworks location in Naperville ended up giving me a wonderful viewing spot; so I hope and pray that almighty God will turn my coming to you into a blessing both for me and for you.

I truly look forward to getting to know you.  However, please be prepared to constantly remind me of just who you are for the next year or so.  I often say to myself that I have a marvelous memory for anyone’s name who is dead and buried and found in a history book.  The names of the living on the other hand…are more difficult to recall.  May God give me plenty of time with you at St. Anne’s to learn.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Stephen Eickhoff